Pacific Alliance pursues deeper financial integration

Lima, Mar. 10. (Andina) The Pacific Alliance Business Council (CEAP) will foster financial integration among its member countries: Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, during a Friday meeting in Santiago, Chile.

Oscar Rivera, President of the Peruvian Bank Association (Asbanc) and Vice-president of the National Confederation of Private Business Associations (Confiep), will attend the gathering on behalf of Peru’s private sector.

Financial integration purses coordinated initiatives to strengthen the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA) and enhance capital markets more generally.

The Pacific Alliance Business Council and the 12th Pacific Alliance Finance Ministers Meeting will run in parallel, bringing together senior business leaders from the four countries.

Besides financial integration, the agenda will cover fiscal management and transparency, in order to enhance the dialogue among countries and promote better practices.

The third theme has to do with catastrophic risk management, oriented towards innovative strategies for a comprehensive natural disaster risk management, including financial protection measures.

The meeting will feature topics on the organization of 2nd Meeting on Financial Integration —set to take place on April 28 in Lima— among Pacific Alliance member countries with the participation of ministers, as well as financial and capital regulatory authorities.

On the other hand, Pacific Alliance economy ministers will today meet to review the progress in financial integration initiatives. Peru will be represented by Minister Alfredo Thorne.

Published: 3/10/2017

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