Pacific Alliance seeks to eliminate internal barriers to strengthen trade

Lima, Mar. 11. (Andina) Pacific Alliance Foreign Ministers will work on a proposal to eliminate, as quickly as possible, non-tariff and tariff internal barriers in a bid to enhance trade between member countries, Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Luna informed.

Following the virtual presidential Summit between Peru, Chile, Mexico and Colombia leaders, foreign affairs ministers were tasked to remove existing internal barriers in these nations.

Pacific Alliance foreign affairs minister will meet on March 14-15 in Viña del Mar, Chile to address this issue and agree on a series of measures to ease free cash flow, in general, not only at stock exchanges.

“Our third task involves exploring negotiations with blocs like ASEAN […] to strengthen our economies in the short-term,” he said.

Luna referred to the virtual summit between Presidents Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (Peru), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) and Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico), and said actions were taken to re-launch the bloc’s internal integration and external projection.

Published: 3/11/2017
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