Peru: Added-value shipments to Pacific Alliance represent 67%

Lima, Oct. 26. (Andina) Added-value exports to Pacific Alliance (PA) countries accounted for 67% of Peru’s shipments to the bloc in the January-August 2016 period, Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) reported.

Shipments include refined copper wires, ceramic tiles and plates, polymer sheets and sulfuric acid.

According to Adex Economic Studies Management, exports to fellow countries (Chile, Colombia and Mexico) amounted to US$1.41 billion.

Of this sum, US$469.4 million were commodities and US$942.9 million non-traditional.

Most-demanded sub-sectors with added value were: chemical (US$257 million); farming and agricultural industries (US$211.3 million); and steel and metallurgical (US$127.2 million).

Likewise, shipments by following sectors stood out: metal-mechanic, non-metallic mining, various, textile, garment, fishing and woods.

Other products demanded by Pacific Alliance were tires, paprika, uncooked pasta, advertising printouts, avocados, unalloyed zinc, red palm oil, iron bars, grapes, among others.

Traditional exports

Traditional exports (US$469.4 million) were mainly represented by traditional mining (US$225.9 million), as well as oil and natural gas (US$176.6 million) sub-sectors.


According to the ADEX Data Trade Business Intelligence System, Chile became the main destination for Peruvian products in the bloc as of August 2016, which amounted to US$640 million.

It is followed by Colombia (US$455.4 million) and Mexico (US$316.7 million). The two countries represented 32% and 23% of exports to PA, respectively.

The Pacific Alliance was formed on April 28, 2011 as a regional integration initiative comprised of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
The bloc aims to become a platform for political articulation, economic and trade integration with projection towards the Asia-Pacific region.

Published: 10/26/2016

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