Peru Judiciary, Swiss institute ink anti-corruption cooperation agreement

Lima, Mar. 9. (Andina) The Peruvian Judiciary has signed a cooperation agreement with the Basel Institute on Governance of Switzerland, in a bid to fight cross-border corruption and money laundering and, therefore, facilitate the return of assets arising from such crimes.

The framework agreement was endorsed by the head of the Judiciary Victor Ticona Postigo in a ceremony held at the Courthouse’ Salon de Embajadores (Hall of Ambassadors).
The ceremony featured Swiss Ambassador to Peru Hans Ruedi Borti and Managing Director of the Basel Institute Gretta Fenner, who signed the agreement from Switzerland’s side, among other authorities.
According to Ticona, his administration is engaged in policies and actions to fight corruption at all levels, both internally and externally.
“In the outer field, we have been implementing a criminal procedural reform on organized crime, money laundering and other issues.
The agreement will enable both sides to take joint action against these types of crimes.
The document stresses the need to join efforts in order to reach tangible results stemming from coordinated and integrated cooperation that contributes to legal security and the strengthening of the rule of law in Peru.
Published: 3/9/2016
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